Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Christina & Christine

Today (Good Friday) it seems quite fitting to be blogging about the letter C with given names. My choice is Christina and Christine which are popular names in my family file, both historically as well as currently (that's the reason for those blue privacy blocks).

Christina and Christine are from Christiana, the Latin feminine form of Christian. Versions are Christina and Christine are used all over the world, oftentimes using either C or K for the spelling of the name. In my family file, we have both versions. We have 27 individuals who share this given name; 1 born in Germany, 3 born in Norway, 5 born in Sweden, and 18 born in the United States. About half of the American born females who share this given name were born in the late 1800s or the early 1900s (those first generation daughters) and the other half were born in the last 50 years - an impressive nod to Christina's enduring popularity (and our family's use of ancestress' given names in its various forms!).

In Sweden Christina is found with variants and diminutives of  Christine, Kristina, Kristine, Christin, Ina, Kia, Kristin and Stina. In Norway Christina is found with variants and diminutives of Christine, Kristina, Kristine, Christian, Kristian, Christen, and Kristen.

Learn more about Christina & Christine at Behind the Names.



  1. That's interesting. But also kinda easy to understand. Our beloved Tina was Swedish. And I believe her first name was Christina or something like that?

    1. It does make sense when you think about it, but so many times we don't. I have also been asking the question now - why did you give us our names? Were we named for family, friends, or did you just like the names. It is interesting to ask the question of all our relatives so we can add this "namesake" or "naming" fact to our family file. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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