Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Doret

The given name Doret is the short form of Dorothea and is found both in Sweden and Norway. Dorothea means "gift of God." There are several variations on the name Doret, including Dorte, Dorete, Dorothy, Thea, and Dora. Doret is an uncommon given name. While I have family members with the variations on this name - 5 named Dora, 1 named Dorothea, and 17 named Dorothy -the name Doret appears once in my Legacy database. Perhaps that is why I chose it for today's post.

Sadly, I know very little about my Doret. She was born in 1796 in Hegra, Norway and she appears in the bygdebok with her family. She also appears on the 1801 Norway census, but I did not find her on the 1865 census and have not found any further information. Perhaps it is time to revisit my Norwegian research (search a few nearby farms and also look for church records) to see if I can find out a bit more about Doret.

Do you have any unusual names in your family - names that only appear once or twice? What is the most unusual given name in your family?

To learn more about the meaning, origins, and frequency of given names from around the world - check out Nordic Names or Behind the Name.



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    1. Thanks Pam - going through to prepare for this (simply making the list!) I found so many great names that I was not familiar with - it will be fun to learn more about them and share with the genealogy community. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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