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This Week on My Family History Calendar

Kocevar-Lidman Calendar  June 22-June 28
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Only birthdays this week on my calendar!

June 24
Ingeborg Larsdotter [4358] (1832-1832), my second great-grandaunt, was born on this date 1832 in Stakerud, Eksharad, Varmlands lan, Sweden. Ingeborg's parents were Lars Jonsson [4290] and Ragnilda Persdotter [4291]. The records show that Ingeborg only lived 6 weeks. The following year another daughter was born (also named Ingeborg).

Karin Elofsdotter [3415] (1856-1946), my great-grandaunt, was born on this date in Norra Loffstrand, Eksharad, Varmlands lan, Sweden. Karin's parents were Elof Larsson [847] and Marit Larsdotter [3412]. In 1880 Karin married Pehr Mattson [3416] and their first child was born a year later in Sweden. Three years after their marriage Karin and Pehr emigrated from Sweden to the USA, settling in Wright County, Minnesota. Karin's parents and siblings also came to the USA all within a two year period. All of the families farmed in a small cooperative community in Wright County, Minnesota. Karin and Pehr had seven children. 

June 25
Lars Andersen, Husbymoen [4710] (1826-before 1900) was born on this date in Stjordal, Nord-Trondelag, Norway. In 1849 Lars married Marit Pedersdatter, Rolfsenbergene [4706] (1829-after 1900), my second great-grandaunt. They made their home in Hegra, Ovre Stjordal, Nord-Trondelag, Norway and had seven children.

Anna Eriksen [418] (1871-1915), my great-grandaunt, was born on this date in 1871 in Nicolett County, Minnesota. Anna's parents were Peder Eriksen, Hastajerdet [412] and Mali Pedersdatter, Rolfsengbergene [413]. In 1891 Anna married Alfred Swanson [879] (1866-1937). They made their home first in Minneapolis, Minnesota before moving across country to Seattle, Washington in 1902. Anna and Alfred had three children.

June 28
Kjerstin Persdotter [4863] (1791-1847), my third great-grandaunt, was born on this date in Stakerud, Eksharad, Varmlands lan, Sweden. Kjerstin's parents were Pehr Sonesson [4861] and Marit Eriksdotter [4862]. In 1818 Kjerstin married Lars Larsson [4878] (1794-unknown). They made their home in Ostra Tonnet, Eksharad, Varmlands lan, Sweden and had six children.

Do any of these names or places sound familiar? Perhaps we share some extended family. If so I would love to hear from you, share information, and together we can grow our family tree. 

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