Tuesday, March 31, 2015

And So It Begins - The A to Z Challenge 2015

Images from A-Z Challenge Blog and made with wordle.net 

It sounded like a good idea when I first read about it a few years ago. A blog challenge during the month of April. Write every day except Sunday (even bloggers need a day of rest). With 26 blog posts and 26 letters in the alphabet - that's a marriage made in meme heaven. Post each day according to a letter of the alphabet. I read the rules, gave it some thought, and promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward to 2014 and a few genealogy friends of mine took on the blogging challenge and made it through each and every day with some interesting, fun and thoughtful posts. Hmm, perhaps I could give a go in 2015. I got some advice - just a few tips. Keep it fun, keep it short, use images, and try to stay a day or two ahead of the posting deadlines. Okay, I think I can handle that (famous last words!).

So here I am - back to my poor neglected blog and it is time to give it a shot in the arm. This April we are going to have some fun and post about the people who make up the Scandinavian and Slovenian side of my family tree. I decided to keep things simple and plan to use the alphabet prompts to focus on given names. Please come back each day as I work my way through the alphabet. Wish me luck!

I will see you back here tomorrow for the letter A!


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