Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014

To all the fathers in the Kocevar-Lidman Family Tree

Whether in Austria, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden or the United States - and from 1650 onward, these men make up the paternal branches in my family tree. I only wish we had pictures of more of them.

Ernest William Lidman
Lars Elofsson
Elof Larsson
Lars Elofsson
Lars Jonsson
Peder Eriksen
Erik Ivarsen
Peder Pedersen
Elof Persson
Halfvard Bengtsson Osman
Jons Jonssn
Pehr Sonesson
Pehr Elofsson
Anders Hakansson
Bengt Olafsson
Mattes Jonsson
Elof Gudmundsson
Bonde Jonsson
Hakan Andersson
Nils Larsson
Gudmund Elofsson
Valentin Kocevar
Francis Kocevar
Anton Zagradisnik


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