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This Week on My Family History Calendar

Kocevar-Lidman Family Calendar June 8 - June 14
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June 9
Peder Pedersen, Bang/Borstadmyren [4701] (1766-1821), my fourth great grandfather, married Anne Johnsdatter, Opem [5265] (1783-1864) on this date in 1806 in Norway. Peder's parents were Peder Johnsen, Hegre [5245] and Marit Pedersdatter, Hegre [5246] and it was Peder's second marriage. I do not have information about Anne's parents yet. Peder and Anne lived in Stjordal, Norway and raised Peder's son from his first marriage (my third great grandfather) an had four additional children.

Milton Theodore Lidman [920] (1905-1936), my granduncle, was born on this date in 1905 in Seattle, Washington. His parents were Lars Elofsson (named changed to Louis Lidman on leaving Sweden for the United States) [845] and Josephine Eriksen [846]. Sadly for Milton, his mother died a few weeks after his birth. The family had only recently moved from Minnesota to Washington (to be closer to Josephine's sisters). At some point, Louis took his oldest son (my grandfather Ernest Lidman) back to Minnesota with him and left Milton with Josephine's oldest sister Mette Pedersdatter Eriksen (Mattie Mark after her marriage). Mattie was always referred to in the family as Grandma Mattie of Tacoma and she not only raised Milton as her own but when my grandfather returned to Washington he also lived with her. While Ernest was dark like his Norwegian mother, Milton was light like his Swedish father. Both were jaunty dressers with lovely smiles and a love of automobiles. Milton married Vivian LaChappelle [411] (1900-unknown) in 1926 in Washington. Vivian was the daughter of Wilfred A. LaChappelle [1599] and Vina E. Domick [1604]. Milton and Vivian did not have any children and they later divorced. Sadly Milton died at the age of 30 when he suffered a ruptured appendix and collapsed on the street in Tacoma, Washington. He later died at a local hospital. 

June 13
Kjerstin Larsdotter [4292] (1830-unknown), my second great-grandaunt, was born on this date in 1830 in Fastnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, Sweden. Kjerstin's parents were Lars Elofsson [4274] and Anna Halvardsdotter [4275]. Although I have Kjerstin on several Household Examination Records (HERs), the last one I have indicates that she moved out in 1845 and I have not been able to find her on the moving in/moving out register. I am still searching Swedish records to find out where she went and if she married, had a family, where she lived, and when she died. Sooner or later due to the good quality of these records (it just involves lots of searching), I will find Kjerstin - she is on my to-do list!

June 14
Anna L. Elofsdotter [3413] (1863-1942), my great-grandaunt, was born on this date in 1863 in Fastnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, Sweden. Her parents were Elof Larsson [847] and Marit Larsdotter [3412]. In 1883 and when Anna was 20, the family emigrated from Sweden to the United States, settling in Minnesota. Anna married John Nicholas Stevenson [3428] (1856-1948) in 1887 in Minnesota. They made their home and farmed in Roseau County, Minnesota and had seven children. I have not been able to find information about John Stevenson's family although from the census entries it appears that he emigrated from Sweden with his family in 1866 when he was about 10. If you have Stevensons from Varmlands, Sweden who came to the USA in 1866 and settled in Roseau County, Minnesota, please get in touch as I would love to learn more about both Anna and John and their family!  

Do any of these names or places sound familiar? Perhaps we share some extended family. If so I would love to hear from you, share information, and together we can grow our family tree. 


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