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This Week on My Family History Calendar

Kocevar-Lidman Family Calendar June 1 - June 7
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This week it is birthdays only - although we are well represented country-wise with Austria, Sweden and Norway.

June 2
Marija Louisa Strmonik [928] (1902-1979) was born on this date in 1902 in Smartno ob Dreti, Nazarje, Slovenia, Austria. Marija's parents were Franc Strmonik [4611] and Jera Bele [4612]. In the "it's a small world " department, Marija was first married to Rudolph Kocevar [2392] (1896-1961) my first cousin twice removed. They married in 1919 in Jugoslavia and immigrated to the United States in 1921/1922. They had two children (one born in Jugoslavia and one born in Washington) and settled in Washington. After they divorced, Marija married Anton Zagradisnik [923] (1889-1963) my great-great uncle. They were married in 1930 and Tony and Mary Louise Grady (by then they had Americanized their names) had three daughters.

June 4
Kerstin Andersdotter [4903] (1697-1773), my sixth great-grandmother, was born on this date in 1697 in Fastnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, Sweden. Her parents were Anders Halfvardsson [4987] and Ingeborg Biornsdotter [4988]. In 1719 Kerstin married Hakan Andersson[4902] (1690-1746) in Norry Ny, Varmlands lan, Sweden. Kerstin and Hakan made their home in Fastnas and had six children.

June 5
Jonetta Eriksdatter, Hastadgjerdet [4719] (1829-unknown), my second great-great aunt, was born on this date in 1829 in Hegra, Ovre Stjordal, Nord-Trondelag, Norway. Jonetta's parents were Erik Ivarsen, Medkilplass/Hastagjerdet [4269] (1796-1875) and Marta Zakariasdatter, Berget [4270] (1796-1895]. Jonetta married Ole Olsen [6661] (1829-unknown). They made their home in Hegra and had two children. I need to get back to my Norwegian research. I found this family on the 1865 census but I need to follow the records to check for their marriage, the birth records for their children, their farmbook entry, any other census entries, and death or burial entries.

Do any of these names and families sound familiar? We might share family members - and I would enjoy hearing from you and sharing information. Please contact me.


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