Thursday, December 30, 2010

What I Got Wrong in 2010

I am in awe of people like Randy Seaver, Lisa Louise Cooke and Pat Richley (to name a few).  How do they do it?  They provide the rest of us with a wealth of genealogy-related information on a timely and regular basis.  The sheer number of posts, podcasts, videos, etc., is impressive and a bit overwhelming.  If there is anything I learned this year it is that consistent and informative blogging takes dedication, focus and time!  Once you add research, data entry, education, document and photo preservation and filing, as well as "real life" to the mix ~ where does the time go?

Without further ado, my list of things that did not go as planned ~ or what I got wrong in 2010.
  • I was not a consistent blogger ~ I started out at the end of August and planned to blog once a week.  This has not happened and is something I need to schedule and stick to.
  • I was not as organized with my individual to-do lists as I need to be to focus my family research.  I have an excellent genealogy database program and I have taken the time to learn the ins and outs of it (through the instructional CDs and more recently through webinars provided on Legacy Family Tree's website).  What I have not done is determine my research goals (by family), write up a research plan with specific to-dos, and then follow through with focused research.
  • I have not finished organizing my paper and computer files ~ I really thought 2010 was going to be the year I finished this project.  I did make a significant dent in both the paper and computer files but I am not there yet.  
How about you ~ what project did you plan to finish that is incomplete, did you go off on any genealogy tangents this year, do you own a barely breathing blog, do you have scads of documents and/or photos that do not have a home ~ what did you get wrong in 2010?


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