Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I Got Right in 2010

2010 was a very good year for my Scandinavian genealogy! 
  • In January I attended the 2010 Salt Lake Institute for Genealogy (SLIG) and learned a great deal about technology and computer-related genealogy research which has proved helpful as I research my Norwegian and Swedish ancestors. 
  • I arrived a few days before SLIG began and had the chance to attend a full day's worth of Scandinavian research courses at the FHL  The handouts and lectures were excellent and I was able to put my new found knowledge to good use during my "free time" at SLIG. 
  • The combination of helpful consultants and the resources at the FHL kick-started my Norwegian research (specifically the farmbooks and atlases). 
  • After using Genline and Norway's Arkiv Digital at the FHL, I subscribed to Genline to continue my Swedish research.  Thankfully Arkiv Digital is available free of chargel for Norwegian research.
  • In March I attended a one day seminar on Swedish research hosted by the Swedish American Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The tips and research suggestions were very helpful and several terrific resources were available for review. 
  • As a result of the SAI seminar, I subscribed to DISByt - a Swedish genealogy and computer group with an online database.  To-date I have corresponded with a dozen Swedish people who share related families.  If you have Swedish ancestors you should definitely check out this website. 
  • While in Minneapolis, I also attended a one day conference hosted by the Norwegian Genealogy Society (a subset of the Minnesota Genealogical Society).  While researching at their library (and with the assistance of Society volunteers) I found the emigration information for my Norwegian great great grandparents!  Talk about being in the right place at the right time ~ thanks again to those Norwegian and Swedish volunteers at the Minnesota Genealogical Society.
  • While in Eugene, Oregon at the end of July, I attended the Summer Genealogical Fest ~ the main speaker was Elizabeth Shown Mills ~ an amazing speaker who taught us so much in that one day.
  • During the remainder of the year, I worked with my genealogy notes and scans to document and source the information I found this year.  I also worked with various atlases and online programs to update my genealogy database location information for my Norwegian and Swedish entries.  I continue to strive to be accurate and consistent with my location information.
What did you accomplish this year ~ did you take any courses, did you perform research, did you write up ancestor stories, did you start a blog, did you take any research trips ~ how did you spend 2010 in the genealogy sense?

Tomorrow ~ What I did wrong in 2010.

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