Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Y is for Ylva

Today is all about the letter Y and unfortunately we don't have any given names in our family file that begin with the letter Y. However if anyone in my family has a girl in the future I am going to suggest Ylva. Why?

  • Ylva means "she-wolf" (from the Old Norse Ulfr) which is a very strong-sounding name - I wouldn't mess with Ylva, would you?
  • I don't think little Ylva would have to share her name with too many other little girls - a unique to her name in the United States. 
Ylva is used in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Ylva is ranked in the top 100 given names for girls in Norway (coming in at 87!). In Sweden the name day for Ylva is April 11th.To learn more about Ylva check out Behind the Name.

Are there any unusual given names in your family? Do you know what they mean?

See you back here tomorrow for our last day in the #AtoZChallenge and the letter Z!

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  1. I rather like the name Ylva, since I love names that start with a Y followed by a consonant instead of a vowel, like Ysabelle and Yseult. They're so unexpected and unusual. I also love all the wolf names, even when they don't have Wolf as part of the name.


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