Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for William

the given name William - used in several of our families
There are only a few given names that begin with W in my Legacy family file, and today I decided to go with the most used given name - William. We have 56 males named William and it cuts across the Irish, Norwegian, Slovenian, and Swedish branches of our tree. It also shows up in a number of our "married-ins" who come from Austria, Canada, England, Germany, and the Isle of Man. In our lines, it does not appear to be used until the late 1800s and early 1900s.

William comes from the Germanic Willahlem and is made up of the elements wil (will or desire) and helm (helmet, protection). There are several saints, kings, heroes, and writers throughout history named William. To learn more about the given name William and famous men named William (there's William the Conqueror, William Shakespeare, William Butler Yeats and William Wallace - just to name a few) check out Behind the Name. William ranks in the top ten as far as popularity in the following countries: USA, England, Canada, Sweden, and New Zealand. William is the most popular boys name in Australia, Denmark and Norway (although it might be more familiar to in the various countries where the name appears as Liam (Irish), Illiam (Manx), Vilhelm (Swedish and Norwegian) and Gwillym (Welsh).

See you back here tomorrow for the letter X - hmm?!  



  1. william is my husband and he is definitely a protector and leader (to the point of pigheaded thinks he's a king... so "entitled" by name? ha haha)
    way to stick with the challenge - i also appreciated your unnamed post.
    almost at the end!

  2. I've long wanted to give my future firstborn son William as one of his middle names. It was just a random name at first, but then I was told it was also my late uncle's middle name, as well as my surviving grandpap's middle name, and the first name of a number of other male ancestors. There's also a Wilhelm in my family tree. It'll be rendered as Velvel in his Hebrew name, even though Velvel is actually Yiddish and I normally don't really have a high opinion of Yiddish names and language.


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