Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for Thorvald

God of Thunder, Lightening, Storms, Strength & Fertility
a name to grow into

There are several given names in my family file that begin with a T - there is Teresa/Theresa and its variations (awfully partial to that one!), Theodore, Theophilus, Thomas, Timothy, Tobias and Tracy. However the only Scandinavian given name that starts with a T in my family file is Thorvald - oh yes!

We have one family member whose name derives from Thor, the god of thunder, and how fitting is it since today is Thursday (named after, say it with me - Thor!). Yes indeed Thorvald (and its variant Torvald) is found in Sweden, Norway and Denmark because Scandinavians are found of giving their children strong names! Thorvald is made up of the elements Thor (the Norse god) + valdr (ruler) so the name actually means Thor's ruler (that seems a bit gutsy) this information comes from Behind the Name. Thorvald's name day is June 17th. Thorvald remains a popular name in Denmark, Norway and Sweden today (see a listing of famous men named Thorvald).

Do you have anyone in your family file with the name of a Norse god? Do you have any names that, while popular in Scandinavian countries, might be considered unusual in the United States? I wonder how Thorvald's name went over in North Dakota in the early 1900s.

See you back here tomorrow for the letter U.

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