Monday, April 20, 2015

Q is for Quinn

There are very few given names that begin with the letter Q. Most are Arabic, Asian and African American and Native American given names and those groups are not in my family file. The one given name we have in our family tree is Quinn (it does not come from my Scandinavian ancestors though and our Quinn is one of our younger family members!). Quinn is a given name for both males and females and comes from an Irish surname "O Cuinn" meaning descendant of Conn (and Conn means "chief" in Irish Gaelic) - this information is from Behind the Name. (Notice the crown word cloud to go with this example.) It is a popular name in Canada and the United States for girls and a popular name for boys in England, Wales, the Netherlands and New Zealand. In Irish (Conn), English (Quin) and most recently in Irish and English (Quinn). 

Do you have any given names in your family files that begin with the letter Q? - that is definitely an unusual one!

See you back here tomorrow for the letter R (many more names to choose from).



  1. Hi! I just realized I visited your other blog too... Q is a tough one! I think it's more common in Chinese.
    By the way, if you blog hop, please include your link if you comment so that others can find you easily and reciprocate any comments. Also other people who read your comment can find you and visit you.

    Maui Jungalow

  2. a pretty elegant choice.
    Qinn, Quinnlan, Quinntet, these are siblings to Quinn.


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