Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for Nils

Patronymic naming patterns
Scandinavians make the search easier!

Although we only have 8 Nils in my family file, Nils is a very popular given name in both Norway and Sweden. Nils is the Swedish and Norwegian form of Nicholas. Swedish variations are Claes, Klas and Nels. Nicholas or one of its variations is found in most countries - from Nikola (Basque) to Niklas (Finnish) to Niccolo (Italian) to Nikolaj (Slovene) to Mykola (Ukrainian) and many languages in between. Nicholas comes from the Greek and means "victory of the people" (Behind the Name). Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children, sailors and merchants as well as the countries of Greece and Russia, and he served as the basis for Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas).

As you can see with the Scandinavian patronymic naming patterns, I am able to place my "Nils" between the grandfather and the grandson. It's time to get back to my Swedish research to bring Lars Nilsson's family forward and see if he had any sons to name Nils.

from Lars to Nils to Lars
See you back here tomorrow for the letter O!


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