Saturday, April 11, 2015

J is for Johanna

a partial listing of my Johannas
Johanna appears in my family file 31 times. The name Johanna is very common and comes from the Latin Ioanna. Johanna is the feminine form of Ioannes (or John). And the spelling of John/Johanna is used in the New Testament - John was a disciple of Christ, and there are more than a few Johns who are saints (see Saint John). Johanna is among the 100 most popular girl's names in Austria, Hungary, the Netherlands and Norway.

Johanna has a tremendous number of variations - everything from the African American (Tajuana) to the Welsh (Siwan) and many others in between, including Johanne, Joan, Joanna, Hanna, Jenny, Jonna, Hanne, Jannike, Jenna, Jenni, Chevonne, Shevon, Ivana, Jovana, Ivanka, Nina, Juana, Juanita, and Giovana. For this #AtoZChallenge I have only included my numbers for Johanna, but I think I will go back and check out all the variations, perhaps in May!

To learn more about Johanna or any other given names, check out Behind the Name.

And just for the record, while working on the letter J, I discovered I have 233 males in my family tree with the given names James (something for next year!).

See you back here on Monday for the letter K!


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  2. Hello there.
    I have a cousin named Joanna and as far as I know, there's only one James in my family and that's my dad!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess


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