Saturday, March 26, 2011

SNGF - Surnames

For this mission (I hear the Mission Impossible theme in the background!) I took a look at my Scandinavian & Slovenian sections of my database in my Genealogy Management Program (GMP). 
  1. How many surnames are in my family tree database:
    1. Keough/Lidman database = 1,133 surnames
  2. I use Legacy Family Tree version 7.5 and this is how I performed the task:
    1. Open family file
    2. Click on Reports - All Reports
    3. Click on Surname Summary
    4. Click on Preview Report - Screen/Printer
    5. Surnames are listed in alphabetical order so I paged through to find the top five surname entries - the report gives you the name, the quantity and the date range
  3. The top five surnames in my family tree databases are:
    1. Keough/Lidman database (adjusted for only the Lidman side):
      1. Pedersdatter/Peddersdatter = 33
      2. Johnsen/Johnssen/Jonssen = 22
      3. Pedersen/Peddersen  = 21
      4. Anderssen/Andersen = 18
      5. Andersdatter = 12
  4. Posting in my blog!
DONE!  Key the music as Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post self-destructs (am I dating myself?).  Cheers

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