Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Welcome to Scandia Musings

This is my first post in Scandia Musings - my blog for research on my Norwegian and Swedish ancestors.  I plan to add information about my research plans, the facilities I visit, the online and brick & mortar research I conduct, family recollections, my research finds & results, and hopefully photographs and documents I find during my journey. 

Those of us lucky enough to have Norwegian and Swedish ancestors have a wealth of information just waiting for us to find ~ Norway's digital archives are online at no cost and available to anyone with an internet connection; Sweden's digital archives are also online at a very reasonable cost (through Genline or SVAR) and also available to anyone with an internet connection.  Whether you order a subscription or access these records through a Family History Center or special interest library in your area, these records are a goldmine for tracing your family through the years.  Of course, you need to know a bit about your family members before you delve into the various records (but isn't that always the case!).  Don't let this put you off ~ you may already have the key that will unlock the doors to your Norwegian and Swedish research.

Next time ~ how I got started with my Swedish research.

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