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This Week on My Family History Calendar

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Week of May 4 - May 10
May 4
Halvard Halvardsson [4299] (1815-1894), the second husband of my third great-great grandmother Anna Halvardsdotter [4275] (1810-1891) was born on this day in 1815 in Eksharad, Varmlands lan, Sweden. Although he is listed as the stepfather to Halvard Larsson [4294] (my second great grandfather’s brother) it is pretty clear that since Halvard Larsson was born in Oct 1840 and his “father” Lars Elofsson died in Aug 1838 that is an impossibility. It also might be one of the reasons why Halvard Larsson immigrated to the USA in 1869. In any event, Halvard and Anna went on to have two daughters, and live in the community (and on the same farm) that Anna lived in with her first husband. Halvard visited the USA and appeared on the 1880 US federal census staying with his “step-son” Halvard and his family (and is listed on the census as Halvard's step-father). The various children from Anna's two marriages remained close. The brothers (actually step-brothers) Halvard Larsson and Elof Larsson settled in the same farming community in Minnesota and shared adjoining farms. I guess there is a little bit of scandal in every family – and I think it is wonderful that both the step-father and step-son were able to stay in touch. From the household examination reports, it looks like Halvard and Anna were together for over 50 years.

May 6
Anton Zagradisnik [915] (1839-1918) my second great grandfather was born on this day in 1839 in Gornji Grad, Austria. This is one of those places that goes back and forth between countries as a result of war. The Zagradisnik family was/is ethnically Slovenian. I have not yet found Anton’s parents. Anton was the husband of Anna Pevec [916] (1840-unk). Anton and Anna had seven children, including my great grandmother Antonia Zagradisnik [898]. Luckily we do have a photograph of Antonia with her parents and some of her siblings so I have been able to put a name with a face for Anton and Anna.

Anton Zagradisnik [923] (1889-1963) my great-great uncle, was born on this day in Nova Stifta, Austria. He was the son of Anton Zagradisnik [915] and Anna Pevic [916] (and in a little twist of serendipity he and his father share a birthday and his father is listed right above!). Anton was first married to Elizabeth Miller [2373] (1896-1972). Anton and Elizabeth had one daughter and later divorced. Anton then married Marja Louisa Strmonik [928] (1902-1979), who was also divorced. Anton and Mary had three daughters and made their home in King County, Washington. Both Anton and Mary are buried at the Black Diamond cemetery in Washington.  

May 9

Marit Elofsdotter [4311] (1793-unk) my third great-great aunt, was born on this day in Fastnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, Sweden. She was the daughter of Elof Persson [4307] (1761-1827) and Kjerstin Andersdotter [4308] (1767-1841]. Although I have “followed” Marit in the household examination records and she is with her family in the 1820-1825 record, she is no longer with the family in the 1825-1829 record. I need to get back to my Swedish research and follow the paths of the extended family members – Marit has just moved to the top of that list! I need to know where she went, whether she married and had a family, and if there are additional family members to add to my tree - inquiring minds and all that. Thankfully the Swedish records are a treat to work with, you just have to put in the time.

How are you doing with your family history research? This calendar meme is really pointing out the people in my family who are calling out for some attention!

If any of these names and/or places sound familiar, perhaps we share some common ancestors. Let's pool our knowledge and share our stories. I would enjoy hearing from you.


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