Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just A Few Tweaks

This weekend (while others were enjoying Jamboree ~ thanks to all those who blogged about their adventures and thanks to the coordinators for streaming some of the Saturday lectures) I took the opportunity to make a few changes to my blog.  This was a project I originally undertook for The Keough Corner blog and I found that I really liked the idea of clearing away many of the side gadgets and making pages.

If you use the Blogger platform, pages are static ~ which means that the template will be the same on all additional pages and only the actual post will be different on each page.  As a result, gadgets selected for your home page template will appear on every additional page.  Since that is the case, I made the following tweaks:

  • People, Places & Things Page added ~ allows me to write in greater detail about each of my family trees and corresponding surnames, as well as mention the various technology and genealogy programs I use.
  • Favorite Websites Page added ~ this is an idea that Thomas MacEntee introduced and the Favorites Websites Page is my version of a Research Toolbox (my go to websites for general research and my Norwegian and Swedish research).
  • Posts By Topic & Posts By Date Pages added ~ a great idea I found (linked to) and discussed in my April 26 post at The Keough Corner.  I much prefer the posts listed by topic or date on separate pages rather than a lengthy list in a side gadget. 
  • Labels, Blog Archives, My Favorite Things, and Where It's At gadgets removed ~ with my new pages, these gadgets were now redundant.
  • Print Friendly Link added - this is a great idea that DearMyrtle mentioned (also linked to in the April 26 post) and it makes it easy to print a post with a simple click.
Since I was already noodling around in the design section of Scandia Musings & More, why not change up some of the colors and fonts?  So, a bit a tweaking here and there and voila ~ an improved (hopefully) Scandia Musings & More.  Please let me know what you think of my changes and share any changes you have made to your blog format.

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