Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Birthdays & Anniversaries

Each month I post a "roll call" of those who came before me ~ it is a listing of the birthdays and anniversaries of my Kocevar/Kochevar & Lidman ancestors who were born or married during that month. I use a cutoff year of 1910 for privacy concerns. As you can see Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, and the United States (Minnesota) are represented.

February Name Wordle made with Wordle.net ~ thanks

Do we share any of the same ancestors? If so, I would love to hear from you and hear all about them.

1.  Ida JOHNSON [4644] (Feb 1885, , , Minnesota, USA)
2.  Marit LARSDOTTER [4293] (1 Feb 1836, Fastnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, SWEDEN)
3.  Anders ELOFSSON [4309] (11 Feb 1786, Fastnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, SWEDEN)
4.  Kristina ELOFSDOTTER [3414] (13 Feb 1869, Fastnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, SWEDEN)
5.  Valentin KOCEVAR [897] (14 Feb 1874, Smartno ob Dreti, Nazarje, Slovenia, AUSTRIA-HUNGARY)
6.  Julianna DERNAC [922] (16 Feb 1889, Zabukovje, , , AUSTRIA)
7.  Antonia Anna KOCHEVAR [826] (17 Feb 1910, Taylor, King Washington, USA)
8.  Jon PERSSON [4320] (21 Feb 1831, Fastnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, SWEDEN)
9.  Lena C. BENSON [3424] (22 Feb 1890, SWEDEN)
10. Doris Marie Mark JONES [1468] (23 Feb 1910, Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, USA)
11. Marit BONDESDOTTER [4344] (26 Feb 1718, Nedre Varnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, SWEDEN)

Note: The number in brackets [ ] is the individual's RIN (record identification number) or the couple's MRIN (marriage record identification number) in my genealogy program.  If there is a word after an individual's name, it is his/her farm/village listed in the Bygdebok.

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