Monday, January 3, 2011

January Birthdays & Anniversaries

January Name Wordle made with ~ thanks

This year I decided to add birthdays and anniversaries to my blog mix.  Each month I will post a "roll call" of those who came before me ~ it is a listing of the birthdays and anniversaries of my Kocevar/Kochevar & Lidman ancestors who were born or married during the month.  I use a cutoff year of 1910 for privacy concerns.  As you can see Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, and the United States (Minnesota) are represented.

Do we share any of the same ancestors? If so, I would love to hear from you and hear all about them.

1.  Oscar JOHNSON [4647] (Jan 1896, , ,  Minnesota, USA)
2.  Kjerstin PERSDOTTER [4319] 2 Jan 1829, Fastnas, Norry Ny, Varmlands lan, SWEDEN)
3.  Frederick Lawrence ROBERTSON [3581] (3 Jan 1898, , Wright, Minnesota, USA)
4.  Peder PEDERSEN, Kval [4697] (Jan 1798, Hegra, Stjordal, Nord-Trondelag, NORWAY)
5.  Anna O. FALL [3587] (7 Jan 1905, Big Lake, Sherburne, Minnesota, USA)
6.  Olga C. STEVENSON [3482] (8 Jan 1898, , , Minnesota, USA)
7.  Pehr SONESSON [4861] (11 Jan 1763, Sodra Loffstrand, Eksharad, Varmlands lan, SWEDEN)
8.  Elof PERSSON [4315] (12 Jan 1819, Fastnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, SWEDEN)
9.  Rudolph John ZAGRADISNIK and Julianna DERNAC [267] (14 Jan 1909, Saint Clairsville, Belmont, Ohio, USA)
10. Ragnilda PERSDOTTER [4291] (18 Jan 1795, Stakerud, Eksharad, Varmlands lan, SWEDEN)
11. Halvard LARSSON and Christina PETERSON [1335] (20 Jan 1873, , Wright, Minnesota, USA)
12. Per JONSSON [4350] (25 Jan 1795, Nedre Varnas, Norra Ny, Varmlands lan, SWEDEN)
13. Clara Wilhelmina STEVENSON [3431] (25 Jan 1896, Clarissa, Todd, Minnesota, USA)

Note: The number in brackets [ ] is the individual's RIN (record identification number) or the couple's MRIN (marriage record identification number) in my genealogy program. If there is a word after an individual's name, it is his/her farm/village listed in the Bygdebok.

Come back and check out next month's roll call!


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